Executive Director

Gakire DieusonnĂ©, 33, is a dedicated author and peace-building activist, committed to education and reconciliation in post-conflict societies. A survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi, Gakire draws from his experiences to promote understanding and healing. His book, “A Dreaming Child,” explores the impact of the genocide on the younger generation and has gained international acclaim, providing him with global speaking platforms.

Gakire founded the Dusego Empowerment Hub, a nonprofit organization that empowers rural youth through education, sports, entertainment, and learning materials, with the goal of nurturing dreams and fostering community contributions. He also served on the IBUKA Netherlands Chapter committee, focusing on justice, memory, support for genocide survivors, and peacebuilding. Through international speaking engagements, Gakire emphasizes the role of youth in development and reconciliation. His inspiring survival story motivates diverse audiences worldwide. He passionately advocates for a future where education and reconciliation lead to sustainable development and harmony.

Program Director

Uwera Jeannette, 24, born and raised in the rural community of Dusego, Mwendo, has a deep passion for horticulture and environmental stewardship. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from the University of Rwanda, specialising in sustainable plant cultivation, soil management, plant propagation, and landscape design. Uwera focuses on creating vibrant, resilient green spaces that enhance communities and promote biodiversity.

Her commitment to education is deeply rooted in her family’s sacrifices, especially her father’s experience. Despite working at MAGERWA in Kigali, her father had to return to the village due to a lack of formal education, highlighting the importance of schooling for Uwera. This inspired her to excel academically and foster a desire to help others access educational opportunities. Uwera’s journey reflects resilience and the transformative power of education. She continues to inspire and contribute to her community through sustainable horticultural practices and educational advocacy.

Youth Coordinator

Jeannette Iradukunda, 20, is an ambitious young woman from Dusego, Mwendo Sector, Rwanda. She recently graduated from College de l’ImmaculĂ©e Conception de Muramba (CIC Muramba), specializing in Mathematics, Physics, and Geography. After high school, she participated in the Teaching Assistantships Project by Inspire, Educate, and Empower Rwanda, funded by the Mastercard Foundation, where she gained experience as a teaching assistant at G.S Mutara in Mwendo.

Jeannette is passionate about reading and music and aims to enhance her English communication skills. Her long-term goal is to become a lecturer, dedicated to lifelong learning and teaching. Her dedication to education and continuous improvement marks her as a promising future educator.