Join us for a Purpose Trip to Dusego

Edition 1 on 11th May 2024

Experience the beauty and spirit of Dusego, a charming village in the southern province of Rwanda, where our hub is located. We will plant trees and furnish the community library space with book for children and young adults. It’s a two-hour drive from Kigali.

Why join us at Dusego?

In addition to learning about the hub and our mission, Dusego offers expansive landscapes and a unique opportunity to connect with locals. It’s a chance not only to see the beauty of Rwanda but also to understand the profound disparities and historical impacts, still resonating with the community.

Not just for the tourists, but for people looking for purposeful experience and a chance to give back and connect with communities in rural areas.

This invitation extends to people and experts in Kigali looking for a deeper connection with Rwanda, beyond the usual tourist pathways. Whether you’re a history buff, cultural enthusiast, or someone looking to contribute to a growing community, Dusego welcomes you with open arms.

About our impact

The Dusego Empowerment Hub is a local initiative, started by Gakire Dieudonné. The physical space in the Dusego, Kubutare in Mwendo Sector, aims to generate impact on four levels. The Hub should become a place:

  • For the local youth to gather and be actively involved in all kinds of things, from playing games and making music to being supported in homework for school. 
  • Of personal development for local people of all ages, through training, brainstorming sessions, or collaborative initiatives to fulfil personal and common dreams. 
  • Where literacy is being promoted, through a local community library. 
  • Where tourists or visitors can stay the night over, inspired by tourist activities, such as hiking or local dancing. The Hub facilitates rooms like a kind of guest house will generate income for sustainable growth.

Contact us for more details and registration: / +250783076635


One response to “Join us for a Purpose Trip to Dusego”

  1. IRADUKUNDA Jeannette Avatar
    IRADUKUNDA Jeannette

    Firstly, we thank you for Dusego empowerment hub .
    We’re ready to join Dusego empowerment hub Wich is helpful especially for young generation.
    Also it will enhance personal development.

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