We are committed to building a brighter future in Rwanda by empowering children and young people in rural areas. Our mission is to provide them with the opportunities and resources to realize their dreams, develop critical thinking skills, and engage in knowledge exchange. By doing so, we enable them to take concrete steps toward a prosperous and sustainable future.

Our Vision: DEH envisions a future where every young person can drive positive change in their communities. Based in Rwanda, DEH is a nonprofit dedicated to fostering creativity and empowering youth, addressing critical issues aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty, Quality Education, and Gender Equality.

Literacy and Education Initiatives: A cornerstone of DEH’s efforts is its educational center and community library for children and youth. This vibrant hub offers more than just reading materials; it provides a gathering space for learning and growth. In a region dominated by subsistence agriculture and scarce educational resources, the center is crucial for offering opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future: DEH’s workshops and training sessions cover topics from basic literacy to advanced vocational skills. Cultural exchange is also emphasized, promoting diversity appreciation. By ensuring equal access for girls and young women, DEH empowers them to shape their futures.

Join Us in Making a Difference: DEH is committed to transforming the lives of young Rwandans, but it needs support. By joining DEH’s mission, you can help break the cycle of poverty, provide quality education, and promote gender equality, creating a brighter, sustainable future for Ruhango District’s youth. Support DEH today and make a lasting impact.