Empowerment Hub

The Empowerment Hub in Dusego fosters education and learning through exchange programs, focusing on health, knowledge sharing, peacebuilding, and diverse opportunities. It supports youth and child development via capacity-building workshops, ICT skills training, storytelling, and job creation initiatives. These efforts bridge educational gaps and vocational pathways while offering diverse role models. Participation in the Hub enhances youths’ abilities, aligning with Rwanda’s vision of a knowledge-based economy and encouraging future entrepreneurship. By providing education and opportunities, the Empowerment Hub cultivates proactive and resilient citizens who contribute to responsible, sustainable positive change within the community and beyond.

Dusego Community Library

The Dusego Community Library will foster literacy in rural areas by providing essential resources and space for quality education. This initiative aims to empower communities, enabling them to explore and understand the world, ultimately promoting peace and sustainability. By offering books, educational programs, and digital access, the library will serve as a hub for learning and growth. It will support lifelong learning, encourage critical thinking, and help bridge the educational gap in underserved regions, contributing to the development of informed and resilient communities. The library’s role is pivotal in advancing knowledge and fostering a culture of reading and learning.

Dusego Guest House

Dusego Guest House offers tourists and visitors a comfortable stay while they explore Dusego. Guests can enjoy activities like hiking, experiencing village life, and sampling local music and cuisine. The guest house generates income to support the sustainable growth of the project. Additionally, the DEH team can assist visitors in discovering other tourist sites in Rwanda, with the income aiding the project’s operations and expansion. Whether for leisure or purpose trips, Dusego Guest House provides a unique experience and contributes to the community’s development.